Joe's Bills - Representative Joe McGonagle

Joe's Bills

Bill H.3736

Regulates the use of mopeds and scooters on public ways.

Bill H.3707

Provides a Home Rule Petition to the City of Everett.

Bill H.1781

Provides additional punishments to those who commit assault and battery on transit workers.

Bill H.2449

Ensure the use of safe building materials in construction.

Bill H.2725

Allows for certain employees of the Commonwealth, Cambridge Health Alliance to be included in Group 2 of the public employee retirement system.

Bill H.2726

Allows PTSD victims or the families of PTSD victims who have served in state public service to receive certain retirement benefits.

Bill H.3535

Allows individuals to pay the Registrar of Motor Vehicle partial fines for the suspension or revocation of driver's licenses.

Bill H.288

Allows the continuation of education of real estate brokers or salesmen required for renewal of licenses.

Bill H.1306

Provides increased protection to low-income tenants after the termination of affordability restrictions.

Bill H.2102

Requires every school bus with students to be equipped with a seatbelt for every seat.

Bill H.3397

Allow judges to impose a bond requirement of up to $15,000 on plaintiffs who file abutter appeal cases if the judge thinks the case lacks merit and is only being used to slow down or delay a housing development. Impractical abutter appeals lawsuits would be discouraged while still ensuring the right of abutters to bring legitimate concerns about a development to court.

Bill H.3785

Allows certain members of the state retirement system who have experienced disability or death caused by PTSD to seek treatment and/or compensation.

Bill H.3918

Allows gateway cities to receive priority access to technical assistance in order to promote/market opportunity zones made available by the executive office of housing and development.

Bill H.3922

Establishes environmental justice policy and assistance to ensure meaningful involvement in environmental decision making.

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